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Various Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Communication Saga

The Centre has developed a new multimedia presentation on the story of evolution of Communication Technology over past 6000 years. This multimedia is a projection based presentation on a very large (36 ft. X 10 ft.) curved screen using multiple projectors. This multimedia show is the first of its kind facility being launched to start commemoration of Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Centre.

Science on Sphere

Science On a Sphere(SOS) is a room sized global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. It is s an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to people of all ages. Animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change, and ocean temperature can be shown on the sphere, which is used to explain the complex environmental processes, in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating.

3 D Film Show

The Centre has one of its kind the state-of-the-art facility. The visitors to the 3D Science Show will experience an out of the world immersive experience in which the near realistic visuals will appear to come out from the static screen right in front of their eyes. The 3D films are seen through specially designed circular polarized glasses. The contents of the film are regularly changed so as the visitor gets a variety of shows.

Commemorative Events

There are several commemorative events every year like World Telecommunication Day, World Health Day, World Environment Day, World Ozone Day, World Population Day, National Science Day, National Technology Day, Engineers’ Day etc. These are celebrated by organising popular science lectures, exhibitions and several competitive programmes for school students

Community Programmes

Taking science to the community by means of demonstration lectures for housing societies, colleges, slums, underprivileged sections etc. science dramas and plays etc are also conducted regularly

Creative Ability Camp

Children naturally have a tendency to explore. This activity of the Centre aims at augmenting this tendency. Simple exploratory experiments to illustrate and study scientific concepts, using low cost and waste materials are taught to children. Then, under the supervision of education staff, the children perform experiments stretching over long periods, to learn concepts using scientific methodology.

Environmental Awareness Pro

Man needs to coexist in harmony with his environment. With this in view, the Centre conducts environmental awareness programmes where poster making, open house quiz, essay writing, extempore speech, debates, popular lectures by experts, dramas, environment awareness marches in the city, pollution studies and fancy dress competitions are held.

Film Shows

We have in our stock a library of more than 250 video cassettes and CDs on different scientific topics which are available for the student groups who come for the visit to the Centre

Nature Study Camps

The study of Nature is of prime importance to any student of science. In this activity, a group of students are taken to a place with a distinct ecosystem accompanied by a team consisting of subject experts. The team undertakes detailed study of the ecosystem and understands the bonding of mankind with Nature. Several such trips have been undertaken to Kullu Manali, Dharamshala, Bhimtal and Chamba.

Popular Science Lectures

Science can be made fascinating by making it simple. This is the philosophy behind the popular science lecture programmes, where eminent scientists who are also excellent speakers are invited to address a group of students on a topic of current interest. Luminaries like Sir Paul Nurse (Nobel Laurate), Sir Allec Jafrey, Prof. Yashpal, Dr. S Z Quasim, Prof. C N R Rao, Dr Krishan Lal etc. have been interacting with students through this medium

Science Camp/Fair

This is a forum where students from all over northern India congregate to display their innovative skills. The event starts at the district level in all the states and UTs of north India and students display their models. Winners come up to the state level and then to the zonal level. Special attention is given to projects with an analytical bent. The state level fairs are conducted in association with respective state authorities. Contact for participation

Science Demonstration Lecture

Science Demonstration Lecture

This programme was evolved for providing an exposure to the teachers on the effectiveness of simple experimental demonstrations made out of the low cost materials and hand tools in the classroom. This method is conductive to interactive learning through the process of raising question, making observations, logical reasoning and arriving at inferences of postulates of basic scientific principles

Science Quiz

This is an annual event. It involves hundreds of schools in Delhi , participants from which are short listed after a preliminary written round of quiz. The selected teams participate in a professionally conducted quiz on knock out basis and goes through preliminary, secondary, quarter final, semi final and a grand finale. Reputed organisations have been partners with NSCD in the past for this event.

Science Seminar

This is another all India event. Starting from the block level of each of the 28 states and 8 Union Territories of the country, upto 15000 students participate. This ultimately filters up to 35 students in all, one from one province. The topic is chosen after great deliberations every year and is of current scientific relevance. The winner takes home very attractive prizes in cash and kind and also scholarships. The state level seminars are conducted in association with respective state authorities.

Science Shows

We have a programme called the SCIENCE SHOW where our demonstrator performs and explains a set of exciting experiments on themes like Liquid Nitrogen, Unexpected Science, Sound Show, Baloon Show, Science through Human Body, Creative Chemistry etc. The experiments produce startling and amusing results.

Sky Observation Camp

Normally conducted during winter months. The Centre has a top class refracting telescope using which astronomy experts conduct sky watching sessions for students and general public at night. Identification of constellations and other celestial bodies, observation of special events like meteor showers and eclipses etc. are part of this programme. This programme is also conducted outside Delhi.

Taramandal Shows

Taramandal is a portable mini planetarium with an inflatable dome and simple projection equipment providing an opportunity to promote interactive learning of elementary astronomy. It could also serve the purpose of an improvised dark room for conducting scientific experiments requiring dark room facilities.

Teachers' Training Programm

Teachers' Training Programme envisages opportunity for exposure of Teachers' to tools, raw materials and techniques as well as ideas for developing low cost teaching-aids with ultimate goal of build your own laboratory. Teachers are encouraged to use low-cost teaching aids to supplement their lecture in the class room. In-service & pre-service teachers' training programs have added a new dimension to the teaching-learning methodology.

Vacation Hobby Camp/ Centre

Children and parents these days prefer to spend their vacation time creatively. For this purpose, several hobby camps are conducted by the Centre twice a year, once durin summer and then again during winter. Some of the camps are mechanics, air and water (fluidics), electricity and magnetism, optics, Electrical appliance use and repair, electronics, computers, clay modelling, screen printing, magic etc.